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View Full Version : UK Council Tax Needs Major Rethink - Only The Wealthy Benefit!

19th March 2013, 11:45 AM
As always, the Rich in this Country are benefiting...having done some research on Council Tax I've found out that if you own a million pound plus house/mansion, you save loads of dosh as the UK Council Tax is capped to ONLY Band H, which means the maximum Council Tax a millionaire pays per year for his expensive property is around 3000

I'm in Band F, and my property is only worth '380,000' and I pay 2350 per year!

It's just not fair! :mad: Council Tax is an unjust tax that relies on speculative house prices, and most folks on low incomes; if in work, have to pay a handsome sum each month to the local Council! I remember when I bought my first property way back in the late 80's, and I was only paying 35 per month and the property was valued at 30,000! Then within 3 years, the property more or less doubled in value, and has risen another quarter since...imagine the expense the house owner has to pay now!

Time for a rethink on this TAX!

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