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7th February 2013, 10:01 AM
Happy Chinese New Year 2013 – The Year of the Snake

To all of my Chinese friends in Hong Kong; have a truly fruitful and prosperous New Year ahead!

People born in the Year of Snake share certain characteristics: intelligent, cute, charming, aware, elegant, mysterious, cunning, and passionate. They may also be proud, vain, vicious. It is said that they are great mediators and good at doing business, which is fortunate, since snakes place a lot of weight on the finer things in life.

At home, snakes prefer quiet and relaxing environments and prefer subdued colors and good decor. In love, the snake has high standards for romantic partners and places a weight on intellect and personality. Physically, a snake is beautiful and alluring, but prefers to be the pursuer in any romantic situation. Once she is settled, she may become possessive and aloof, but with a patient and calming partner, a happy union is possible.

Depending on the year of birth, one may be a metal snake (1941, 2001), water snake (1953, 2013), wood snake (1905, 1965), fire snake (1917, 1977), or earth snake (1929, 1989). It is said that metal snakes are stubborn and ambitious; water snakes are motivated and adept managers; wood snakes are grounded and enjoy the company of a small group of friends; fire snakes are opinionated and relentless debaters; and earth snakes are down to earth and prefer to lead calm lives.

Chinese New Year runs from the 7th to 12th February 2013

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