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View Full Version : Online Businesses Ignorant To Customers Email

28th January 2013, 10:07 AM
I have to say that reputable online businesses are very neglectful to answering emails from clients/customers. It doesn't take 1 minute to address an email and respond yet many are totally ignorant and bypass vital business from prospective customers. Shame on all those who don't offer such an important Customer Service on the NET these days...why be in business online? Even on ebaY, folks who sell are just as rude when you've bought their product/item, they fail to thank you or even tell you when the item has been dispatched! I remember in the UK when business attitudes were great, and business folks were respectful to more, this Country has to change back to that era when they were grateful to have the trade, and acknowledged it in return with "Thank you, please come again!" Nowadays it grabbing the money, and running!
Please answer your customers' emails!

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