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18th January 2013, 04:54 PM
First get this programe:
SKScheMa :

SKSchema is a multi-functional scheduler allowing to automatically perform different actions at the time specified as well as to perform actions depending on other programs being launched/closed. The program can be used as an advanced alarm clock and also as a reminder.

For example, the program makes it possible to set the following tasks:
“to launch a backup program at 0.40 every Tuesday during January and February 2006”
“to awake the owner daily during a week with different sound files”
“to establish a GPRS connection if a mail client or PocketIE is launched”…

SKSchema features:
runs programs, plays sound files at the specific time, with the specified periodicity
shows a reminder at the time specified along with a signal (a sound file, vibro). A reminder can be postponed.
sends sms at the time specified
makes a phone call at the time specified (it is very useful when somebody should be woken up automatically)
switched PDA on and off and makes a soft reset at the time specified
closes the indicated programs at the time specified
clones an event (for example, to beep every 25 min within 5 hrs)
switches a phone on and off (PIN-code input is possible), BT and Wi-Fi on/off (device dependent)
change today themes at the time specified
emulates a screen tap or a keyboard input
supports scripts which are to be executed at the time specified as well as directly from Explorer or with a shortcut in Start Menu
watches launched and closed programs (by window name) and performs different actions for these events
Watch for phone events like call(ring), answer, connect, disconnect, phone on/off, incoming sms. SKScheMa can run command/script/program for all this events.
Watch for battery level and power type (battery/AC)
Watch for connections status changes (WM5 only, very limited)
has an adjustable Today plug-in showing the most immediate tasks and also used for a quick-launch of SKSchema
it is possible to create frequently used sets of events
many other features
QVGA, VGA support
WM2003(SE),WM5 support

Then use Registry Editor and do the following change:

Originally Posted by :
HKEY_CURRENT_USER->control panal->sound categories-> attenuation

0 -------- 0x0(1)

how to generate and save script file= open skchema. cleck tools. click script. click new. select command. and select phone then answer at the top. click ok. click new again. select command. choose multimedia then play a wave file. select parameters. and choose file. browse and select the wav file u created by yourself using the windows default note application. choose tools again. click context menu. and click save to file. This is the script file that your are going to select and execute at the below mentioned.

from skchema, go to watch mode, type new, select watch for windows then choose phone at the top. select event title, choose phone ring on top. select ring number and put your desired number of ring time before pickup. select execute and choose the script files that you saved at above.

Download latest version freeware PMrecorder. and create a shortcut n throw it into startup. it will record all your calls. to playback calls. just click on call list. select the logs and click play. You can set skschema to execute file when exit so that skschema will not expire. the file is a freeware mortscript, set it to delete skschema registry at hkey_current_usersoftwaresksks chemmain.Just save the file as RegDelete HKCU,Softwareskschema,main

Now u have an answering machine that will auto answer your call at a specified number of rings which specified from u. then it will playback wav file from your recorded voice. And recording the calls. i see the pmrecorder does not record using the mic but through internal phone module as it is loud even recording othe party.
Post your feedback here if you've had success!

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