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View Full Version : Tomtom on the O2 Flame - read setup here!

18th January 2013, 05:24 PM
Tomtom v7 works fine for this PDA!

For Bluetooth & External GPS Connection:

1. Enable the bluetooth on the phone using Wireless Manager, turn on!

2. Turn on your GPS Unit

3. Wireless Manager > Menu > bluetooth settings > Devices > Add New Device and follow the process to pair your GPS with your Flame; when it requests, enter the PIN: 0000

4. Create Output Com Port:
Wireless Manager > Menu > bluetooth settings > Com Port > New Outgoing Port then follow the process selecting your device to Com0

Now follow these quick steps to Configure GPS:

Settings > System > GPS > GPS Program Port > COM8
GPS > Hardware Port > COM 2 > Baud Rate > 9600
GPS > Access > Automatically

5. On TomTom go to 'GPS Status' > Select > other Bluetooth GPS receiver > Select > Configure > COM0

Make sure you're outdoors to get a signal!

Hope that helps you enjoy Tomtom!

21st January 2013, 10:49 PM
just to point out the exact Tomtom Navigator version that works with the Flame:

v7.917.9186 Qvga

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