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View Full Version : Welcome BigboyIsHere

22nd November 2015, 01:42 AM
Hi BigboyIsHere, a warm welcome to Global Forums!

For feedback, what made you register here?

Is the site easy on the eyes or is it too loud?

22nd November 2015, 01:49 AM
Hey all, so I was looking for a Samsung Galaxy owners forums, and I ended up registering for this forum, and it looks like the forum has nothing to do with what I am after at all. There isn't even a post new thread tab. And whats all this about Honda Stepwagons? Is this a HS forum then??

22nd November 2015, 08:40 AM
Welcome, BigboyIsHere, you should now be able to view all forums and threads.

How long have you had your stepwagon?

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