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2nd February 2015, 11:42 PM
A easy guide on how to convert your Speedo to MPH and how to go about installing it in your cluster board:

I found a speedo face on e-bay for 8.50 plus postage, get a 'chip' also from ebay (45) which takes the kph impulses and converted them to mph impulses.

On my 1999 RF2 the dashboard surround is fixed by 6 screws and a few clips - 3 across the top (the leftmost one is more of a small bolt which screws into a plug - don't lose it!), and 3 across the bottom - one above the air vents, one behind a blanking panel half-way along, and one behind the roof and window winder switches. The plugs for the switches remaining in the panel cannot be replaced wrongly - they are all different.

After this was removed there are 4 screws holding the instrument panel unit - ease it forward carefully and remove the plugs at the back (again the positions of the plugs in the harness make it impossible to get it wrong on reconnecting). The chip was found as described behind the speedo, and it was only necessary to disconnect the + and - leads and reconnect the lead which had been divided to insert the chip.

The clear front of the cluster is fitted with moulded-in clips as is the next layer - the black surround. The original speedo face is fairly thick, and as the needle of the speedo would not budge (stopping me from removing the old face), I made a fine cut with a stanley knife from the centre hole of the new face to the bottom edge and made a slot about 2 mm wide from the centre hole to the lower opening for the trip counter (the openings needed to be cut out and made a little bigger). The original fixing screws for the face were removed, the new face slipped in behind the needle and fixed with the original screws (there were 2 places on the face which needed cutting - one for the trip meter zero and the other for a small stud).
Credit: PAR

21st July 2015, 07:20 PM
why not use your smartphone and purchase the GPS Test+ as I've use it daily with no problems.

24th April 2018, 11:17 AM
Has anyone tried a HUD (Head Up Display) windscreen display which connects to the OBD Connector under the dashboard on the right hand side for accurate MPH, revs, and Voltage readings? It doesn't use GPS!

I tried a unit and was impressed; you can purchase for around 15!

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