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7th October 2014, 09:46 PM
German for 'noisy ghost', a poltergeist refers to phenomenon usually credited to mischievous spirits or ghosts who have a slightly menacing approach to the inhabitants of a building.

Cases have been cited almost since the beginning of recorded history however The Thornton Heath Poltergeist case is one of the most notorious.

One August evening, 27 years ago in Thornton Heath, England, a family was tormented by poltergeist phenomenon which awoke them in the middle of the night by blaring a bedside radio which had turned itself on.

This heralded the beginning of a paranormal string of events which lasted nearly four years.

During the festive season of 1972 an ornament was hurled across the living room smashing into the husband's forehead just as the Christmas tree began to shake violently.

Come the New Year, footsteps were heard in the bedroom and late one night the homeowner's son awoke to find a man dressed in old-fashioned clothing staring threateningly at him.

Having the house blessed failed to rid the house of the phenomenon.

However, a medium determined that the house was haunted by a farmer named Chatterton who had lived in the house in the mid-18th century and considered the family trespassers on his property.

22nd July 2015, 10:20 AM
Yes I'm read this sort of situation before which appears to be quite a common occurrence.

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