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18th August 2013, 11:29 PM
Well, last week I was clearing some bushes etc in the garden, only to be bitten on left side of my nose by the dreaded Blandford fly, and it swelled my nose up to double the size near to the eye; got treated within 30 mins, and during the night went back to normal...

Now, I've a thumb joint infection which has doubled in size after another insect bite and boy it's painful; like a broken bone experience: was doing the garden again, and me strongly thinks it was the dreaded blandford fly as it's done this dastardly deed before and on my dear wife who still has the scars a year on. I've had hospital treatment to try and reduce the abscess which is around the thumb joint and if no improvement has been made from the drugs, they may well have to put me on a saline drip!
The hospital did an x-ray yesterday, and it wasn't broken, as it damn well felt like it as I couldn't move it due to the severe swelling and pain!
Oh for a decent nights sleep! -

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